Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God is a God of Perfect Timing

Today, I was supposed to have two meetings. One at 10 am, the other 2 pm. So happens, as of yesterday, I wasn't ready for the 2 pm meeting.

Guess which meeting was postponed?

The 2pm one of course!

I cannot count the times when God has fixed my schedule. I prayed that the afternoon meeting won't push through and my prayer was granted!

I was able to get a cab ahead of my son. It was 8:30 am.

I reached Makati about an hour later. Since I was still early for my meeting, I went to the nearby Mini-Stop and bought Coke Zero and Nagaraya Crackers (original). Nice snack!

The 10 am meeting went okay. An outside consultant joined us and gave useful inputs.

I hitched a ride with him till Greenbelt where there were plenty of taxis.

In the afternoon, I revised the screeners and GD guides based on our discussion this morning.

All in all, a nice day and it's not yet over!

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