Friday, February 18, 2011

A Quiet Birthday

Last night, my son brought home delicious pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. Mom loved it. She said she is not a pizza lover but this one, she adored.

Today, a family friend treated me and mom to breakfast at Alex III. I had longganisa, sinigang, two fried eggs and dalandan juice. Mom had tapsilog and our friend had arroz caldo.

We passed by our old house in Matulungin. Pink house with violet gates. No longer fushia. Haha.

No visitors came and no one invited me out for my birthday. So it's a quiet birthday for me.

Ate steak at home with corn.

But I was thrilled by the deluge of greetings through text, email and FB! So many, I couldn't count. That alone made my day.

After a long nap, I worked on FGD guides and screeners. It's a working birthday indeed.

That doesn't mean that this is the end of my celebration. I will be going out with friends to celebrate.

So how does it feel to be HALF a century old? Quite old. Seems like ages ago when I was young and pretty. I miss the "good old days" when I could dance, drive, walk long distances, etc. But, I'm glad that I carry with me now the lessons learned from the past. The strength gained from all the trials I have gone through. The friendships forged through the years. Oh, I'm becoming sentimental. Is that a sign of aging? Ha ha.

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  1. Happy birthday Nimia! Half a century old? It's actually great to be be 50 and above, I'm waiting to be 60 so i can get a senior citizen card! :^)


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