Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Night, I Didn't Get To Sleep...

Looks like the words from a song but the reason is totally different. I kept thinking of my FGD and its details.

It appears that it is grossly undercosted! I think I would have to substantially slash my fee. Oh no!
(The sacrifices I make for my projects.)

I hope despite the many things that could go wrong, everything will turn out fine in the end. Here's keeping my fingers crossed and then folded in prayer.


It's my brother's birthday. I'm glad to know he recently got hired as general manager. He now sends monthly financial help. What are siblings for?


End of the month is nearing. I hope to collect from three of my clients. Enough to pay for my medicines.

I was able to get some sleep this afternoon. Feels good!

Now, I'm about to work on a project that is due tonight or tomorrow morning.


A friend is coming over and she will bring me Mcdo Fillet o' Fish. Yehey. I will give her some stuff which don't fit me.


I'm excited about our batch gettogether this Saturday. There will be about 18 of us. And the good news is looks like I finally have a ride going there. The poor guy lives in Cainta. The venue is in Pasig. So, I'm really out of the way. But I begged him to fetch me and I said he doesn't have to bring me home. Another attendee promised to be the one to bring me home. So problem solved!

Thank You, Lord!

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