Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Meeting, Dinner with Friends, and Work

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a new client. It lasted almost an hour. I'm being tasked to write a sample report. When I saw the data, it is indeed, not easy. Hope I will be able to do a good job.

Last night, I had dinner with friends at Little Asia in Tomas Morato. We had spring rolls, crispy fried chicken, combination chow mien, ebi tempura, and lengua in white sauce. Our balikbayan friend paid the bill.

Then, we had tea/drinks in a nearby coffee shop.

These friends are from the scriptwriting workshop of Mr. Nestor Torre way back in 1997. Long-lasting friendships are to be cherished!

Oh boy, the report I am being asked to do is quite difficult. I really hope I will be able to deliver.

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