Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Presentation Time, Another Report

I woke up early so as not to be late for my 8 am presentation. But my friend was late in fetching me. She came all the way from Taguig and got caught in traffic. It was also rush hour going to Makati. So we were more than an hour late (we felt so ashamed and apologized to the Client who was there at 7:30 am!)

It's a good thing the presentation went well. I wasn't nervous at all even in the beginning.

The clients were very receptive to the information being presented. The presentation ended 10:20 am.

We have a new project with them - this time, an FGD (focus group discussion) consisting of four groups. Praise God!

My friend then treated me to lunch. We ate at Binalutan - I had inihaw na baboy. I wanted dessert so I ate halo-halo at Razon's. My friend also bought me chicharon which turned out spicy (I shared some to the taxi driver). I was given money for taxi fare.

Mom ate some chicharon.

We both took our afternoon nap.

I resumed working on my other report which is due Monday. So, I shall concentrate on report-writing for the next few days.

I was supposed to give my book to my Balikbayan friend yesterday but I forgot. Hope he finds time to get it from me so I'll see him one last time before he gets back to the US.

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