Monday, February 7, 2011

When It Rains... pours!

I was able to finish my report on time. I'm working on the other one and will surely finish by tomorrow.

Up and coming are:

...another project from the same client. I'm supposed to do the questionnaire already so it's a sure thing.

...two projects from a recent client. Almost certain as well.

...three projects from my regular client. Also 100% to be passed on to me.

That's six projects already.

And on Wednesday, I have a client meeting. Don't know yet if we will be discussing projects already.

It's my birthday month and already I have several "dates":

...on February 17, my mom, son and myself will eat at Kamayan (eat all you can) along EDSA because Thursday is my son's day-off.

...on February 18 (my birthday), a family friend will treat me and my mom to breakfast at Alex III.

...Three client-friends have agreed to treat me out.

And I haven't texted some friends yet to tell them I will be turning 50 this February. Ha ha. Not many people can get away with the way I "co-erce" people.

I'm being asked to come up with a write-up on my learnings on the mentoring of Mr. Nestor Torre. It's a good thing the deadline is next week. Plenty of time to write a good essay. It's the least I could do for all NUT has done for me as a writer.

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