Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

It's Valentine's day and I have no official "valentine". So what?

I made a booboo in FB. I wrote, "On Feb 18, I will be turning gold. It's great to be a century old!" A friend immediately corrected me so I had to write, "I stand corrected. It's great to be half a century old!"

Already, friends are greeting me.

But alas, on my birthday, I have a 2 pm Client meeting. Sure, I will have breakfast at Alex III. And some friends might come over for lunch. But it would have to be a quick lunch because I will be fetched at about 1 pm.

I revised a report today. Converted summary tables into diagrams. Thanks to Powerpoint, the task was relatively easy.

Sssh. I have a surprise for mom. I asked my son to buy her a rose or three roses since its VD today. She keeps saying that she loves receiving flowers and that she misses the times when Kuya (my older brother) would give her roses on Valentine's Day. Hope she appreciates the gesture.

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