Monday, September 20, 2010

Belated Birthday Lunch

Last night, I cried in pain because of cramps. I asked my son to search "cramps" and he said there are several factors, one of which is uncontrolled diabetes.

True enough, when I took my blood sugar this morning, it was a high 7.3. Oh no!

Off to the hospital again we went. And yes, there were wheelchairs!

I had a lunch invitation but I said I will be late. It was my friend's birthday last September 3. It was a good thing we found a cab right away and there was no traffic. I also got clear directions on how to get there.

Food was pancit palabok, spare ribs, rice, melon juice, and peaches. I was tempted to eat ube and leche flan but I remembered my high blood sugar.

I taught my friend how to play Scrabble in Facebook.

Funny, I learned that her son plays with my pet called PetNim in FB. Ha ha. I had forgotten about my pet in Pet Society.

My friend lent me CDs of "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Before Sunrise".

I went home before the 5 pm rush hour.

I worked on a few projects including two reports.

Tomorrow is decision day. I will let the research agency decide if they still want to hire me despite all my illnesses and conditions. We'll see...

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