Monday, September 13, 2010

From Out of the Blue...

Just when things were becoming desperate, great news arrived. The former accountant of my Dad's office contacted my mom saying there is a buyer of our property - on an island off Quezon called Balesin.

We were asked if we want to sell the property or receive shares of stock. The family's decision (or rather, more like my Kuya's decision but we all agreed) was to sell. Lord knows we need the money.

So you see? God provides...all the time!


I just love scrabble at FB! I am getting addicted, really. Ha ha. My current average is 40%. My goal is to exceed 50%, the higher the better. And my present record is a score of 419. I want to surpass 500. Ambitious 'no?

And scrabble enlarges, widens, and broadens my vocabulary.

Have you heard of words like qi, qat, za, zo, zoa, jo, joe, ka, and so on.

But of course, it shouldn't get in the way of work. Oops, I was supposed to do a research design today but I just had to play. Oh well, I shall attempt to do it right after doing this blog. Then, to cap the night, a few (?) games of my beloved scrabble!

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