Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still Getting Better

That island property? We may be getting the money sooner than expected after all. ha ha.

We are still hoping to get my dad's remuneration/compensation for services rendered. How much would that be, I wonder?

Today, I did three work-related tasks:

1) Revised a questionnaire
2) Cleared a report with major major mistakes it's as if I wrote it myself (gggrrrh)
3) Continued with my report template

I just love working at home! I could listen to background music, eat merienda, take a break to take a bath, and even have a nap.

But then, I learned that that employer in Faranacue has not given feedback yet. So, I am still waiting (hoping?) to get that consultancy job. Oh Lord, please be kind to me. Thy will be done.
I am learning so many things by playing Scrabble at FB. Such as:

1) Use the dictionary to find out if certain words do exist. Take the opportunity to expand your vocabulary as well so take note of the meanings of the words that are "valid".
2) Be kind to your opponents. When he/she is sure to win but is taking time to answer, do not force forfeit the game or it will be counted in your favor. If the player is taking too much time and he/she is not winning or it is not sure yet who is winning, warn him/her that you are about to force forfeit the game.
3) Learn to strategize. Use high-scoring letters to full advantage. Try as much as possible to cut across several letters while forming a word. Avoid giving the opponent the opportunity to make a high-scoring word if possible. Try to beat the opponent to choice spots even if it means blocking the triple word path.
4) Although there is no time to chat for long (I choose the two-minute per turn game), be sure to say hello, wow (when the opponent makes a scrabble), nice game (when he/she wins), and so on. You could make friends, too.
5) No need to broadcast your high-scoring words, your scrabbles and your wins at FB. I'm guilty of this but I decided to stop because it's obvious that I'm boasting. ha ha.

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