Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Didn't I?

I am inclined to accept that job offer in Pasig. But why oh why didn't I tell them of my illnesses? All they know is that is I have osteoporosis. I should have told them of my diabetes, bipolar mood disorder and multiple myeloma. Points against me I guess.

I hope they will still consider getting me despite these illnesses.

Tomorrow, it's back to the hospital for my treatment. Then, I will have lunch at a friend's house. It was her birthday last September 3. I said I will be late.

On Tuesday, I will be fetched to discuss matters with the research agency. I know they need my services so maybe there's nothing to worry about.

Today, it's work and play. I just cleared the translation of a questionnaire. And I played several rounds of Scrabble in FB. My average has gone up to 44%. Getting there, getting there...

Here's a photo which made me smile:

The simple joys of innocence!

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