Monday, September 6, 2010

Nicolas, Scrabble, and an Interview

Last Saturday, I watched a movie entitled, "Gone in 60 Seconds". It's an old movie but I have yet to watch a Nicolas Cage film that I didn't like. I'm not fond of action films but one that stars Nicolas gets my attention.

I have been playing scrabble at Facebook and sometimes I win, most times I lose. That's because I play against "veterans" who have played hundreds of games and have won more than 50% of the time! Oh well, as time goes on, I will improve my playing skills. Not to mention grow my vocabulary.

This afternoon, a headhunter interviewed me over the phone. Talk about saving time and energy! It lasted for 45 minutes. I think I did pretty well. I was very honest, especially about illnesses. I am hoping they won't take those against me. The company is a multinational FMCG but the location is far! As far as Faranacue! Haha.

Hope I get the job! The headhunter said I'm their only candidate. But then again, the employer is using other executive search firms. So I need a lot of prayers, folks!

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