Friday, September 24, 2010

Glad to Stay Home

I'm glad to have stayed home today. I slept after breakfast AND after lunch. Soooh sleepy!

Yet, I was able to work somehow. On a report, a report template, and a tab specs.

I have not been called for work yet in my new job. Oh no, the end client might have been turned off by my illnesses. If that were so, that could be blessing in disguise. Anyway, too soon to tell.

I learned that the data processor assigned to one of my projects does not do significance testing. Oh no! That means more time on my part to work on the project. The good part though is that I am more in control of the data. I just hope I will get the data on time so I will not be pressed for time.

Here's another breathtaking photo of the sunset by my friend, Jobert:

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