Friday, September 17, 2010

Shall I or Shall I Not?

Today, I met again with an elderly man who heads one of the pioneer research agencies in the country.

I was a few minutes late because I had difficulty getting a cab. Anyway, this man treated me to Mcdo - fillet o' fish, french fries and Coke Zero. Over "brunch", we discussed business. Basically, he wants me to be Senior Research Manager or Consultant for their company specifically to service one of their biggest accounts, if not their biggest account. They have been told that unless they hire somebody senior for the job, that client will no longer give them ad hoc projects.

Well, that client is indeed a big company with interesting products, FMCG. And I'm familiar with their categories. I also know their research head, way back Consumer Pulse days.

The research agency that is getting me is located in Pasig. Much nearer than Faranacue. ha ha. But, I have to walk a long distance from the elevator to the office. Takes getting used to, I guess.
I am not expected to report for work everyday. Something like twice a week.

The pay? Quite low but enough to pay for my monthly medicines. Plus, I get extra commission for ad hoc studies with a certain monthly limit. And, I am allowed to work on other projects for other clients.

So shall I or shall I not?

I texted that headhunter to inform him of this latest development. He said he will get back to me.


I am also done with my research template. All that preparation will pay off later in terms of time spent doing the report. Who knows, by the time the data arrive, I may already be working for either that pioneer company or that multinational FMCG company.

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