Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deferring Depression

I ought to be depressed by now already. After all, I'm bi-polar am I not? To discover one has stage 3 cancer is reason enough for me to feel low. But surprisingly, by the grace of God, I don't. Many people are remarking that I am showing such good disposition and positive attitude that I am an inspiration to them.

That still does not change the fact that I am in frequent pain.

Grace. All is grace.

And I thank God for using me as an instrument of peace and love, a model of faithfulness and trust, and an example of triumph over adversity. As long as there is purpose out of all these trials I am facing, then I am willing to bear it all.

I consider myself most fortunate that the Lord showers me with His love directly and indirectly through many, many people...even people I hardly know or remember.

I praise and thank You, Lord, for being with me during these dark times. And one day, one glorious day, I shall see the light again. Meanwhile, You are the lamp upon my feet, You are Wisdom itself, and You are Love unconditional. Glory, glory to You O King!

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