Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two Opinions

Today, I went with my mom to see Dr. Edward Wang for a second opinion. He confirmed the diagnosis after seeing my work up papers. And he asked that I undergo full body X-rays as baseline to check later on my medications are working.

Then, my friend Tina Bonoan fetched me. We heard mass in Sanctuario de Antonio Church in Forbes Park. Then we went to see our friend Andy whose close friend is "Fr. Do" also known as Fr. Fernando Suarez, the famous healing priest.

Fr. Do asked me what my illness was. I said, "Cancer of the bone." What stage, he asked. I said "Stage 3". He asked when my treatment will start. I said "Thursday." Then he said "May pag-asa pa" while holding my hand. He asked that my picture be sent to him. So Andy took my picture and sent it right away to Fr. Do.

So there you have it. Two opinions. A bone cancer specialist confirming the diagnosis. A healing priest saying "There is hope."


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