Monday, May 11, 2009

My Father is in Heaven!

Early this morning, I was praying and conversing with Mother Teresa. I asked her if my father is in heaven she said, "Yes". Now, I have someone dear to pray for me.

I immediately told mom about it and she was happy to hear the good news. She has been praying to God, just in case he was still in Purgatory.

Thanks, Mother Teresa! You made our day!


I went for my second treatment. Went well. Just experiencing symptoms like feeling of nausea, constipation, diarrhea, back contractions...

Meanwhile, I'm sleepy already. I can't write just yet. Till tomorrow...


  1. Sent your link to Carol, she sends her regards. May blog din pala sya sa Friendster :)
    Cheer up! God bless you more :)

  2. nothing is impossible with God! your strong faith in Him will never fail you! laugh it out my friend and go to the healing priest and go with the treatment as well. may God cuddle you and be with you in this stage of your life. shake it off Nim!

  3. Thanks very much, friends! You are dears.


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