Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Pretty Wonderful Day

Today has been a pretty wonderful day...

...I worked on a report (although I didn't finish it)

...Bryan, my personal nurse, came over and gave me a bath and helped me dress up

...sisters from Tabitha Makati visited and gave fruits, a CD and Kerygma magazines

...choir members from Cathedral of Praise sang for us beautifully

...Rica arrived with her friend Minette and she brought Wendy's salad

...they were able to listen to one more song

...Grace fetched me but we got lost konti

...Fr. Mario said mass well with his characteristic humor and he blessed me with oil, lovely sermon and service

...I gave him copies of my three books

...sarap the food - siopao and pancit palabok and I was full already

...kwentuhan and come visit me but just schedule ahead

...I gave copies of my books

...several friends gave donations, how kind of them!

...Bryan helped me undress and changed to duster again

A pretty wonderful day indeed!

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