Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whatever you do...

Friends of mine, Patsy, Tina and Ninang Corit visited me yesterday. They gave me cute stuff like a book marker and a datebook plus prayers and "things to memorize". Moreover, they gave me religious relics from Padre Pio.

Then they prayed over me. Patsy gave a beautiful message - "Whatever little you do, you offer it up to God, and it will grow."

Early this morning, I suffered chills and extreme pain. It took hours but I offered my suffering to people who are in pain, too, the sick, the suffering and to those who may not reach heaven should they die soon. When the ordeal was over I thanked the Lord, Mama Mary, Padre Pio and Mother Teresa.

I hang on to the relics and watched TV mass four times, and mom and my son prayed with me.
I felt the need to see a priest to say Confession so I shed copious tears.

The main message in today's gospel is "I Am the vine, you are the branches." I realized that God is pruning me so I can be fruitful. Fr. Mario said that the thing to remember is that if we stick to God, he will grant everything we want.

In Fr. Jerry Orbos mass, there was Dra. Fe Del Mundo in the audience - a long-suffering cancer patient. And Ted Failon and his daughter (she was crying) because it's mother's day and her mom just committed suicide. My heart went out to them.

Fatima the blind singer-prodigy of Fr. Jerry gave her sweet message and sang for us. She has such a cute laughter! I plan to make her sing my anti-abortion song.

Aside from mother's day, it is my one and only sister (Oyie's) birthday! Happy birthday, Oyang!

In my computer, I put "Whatever you do, do it for God, and not for man, that you may reflect His beauty and wisdom...and it will grow." Amen.

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