Friday, May 29, 2009

Dreams Becoming True

I cannot believe it! Before my eyes, my dreams are becoming true almost simultaneously!

...My book, "Mission:Possible!" is fast taking shape and nearing completion. I just met with two former students who are willing to interview mission-aries (people who live and breathe their mission) for me. There are at least four other people willing to do the same for me. Another friend offered to do the book design for free. I emailed my write-up of Bo Sanchez early in the morning and he also emailed the revisions early in the morning (he works that early!).

...My three previous books may be reprinted with some revisions, and maybe sold as a gift pack (three in one package!).

...My anti-abortion song, "Mother Let Me Live" will be produced and sang by Fatima, the prodigy of Father Orbos. I talked to her producer and talent manager who is willing to include the song in Fatima's next CD.

...My funny song, "Mahirap Maging Mahirap" will be placed in YouTube because I am forcing my friends to help me do so he he.

...My screenplay, "Ang Mundo ni Minda" will also see completion before the year ends.

...There will be "Know Your Mission" workshops and "Count Your Blessings" workshops in conjunction with my books. (or so I predict)

...and many more.

I guess I will never stop dreaming. Dreaming of things that I know is in keeping with my mission here on earth. That's why I do not dread death. It's a long way off. I can't afford to die with so many projects.

Lord, as much as I want to be with You in heaven, don't take me just yet. There is much I want to do for You and for my fellowmen, my loved ones, friends, even strangers. There are so many people I want to love and serve. I want to make even more people laugh, and smile, and feel inspired. So please, O Father, let me live a long life.

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