Monday, May 4, 2009

Tears I Shed

Last night, for the first time since I learned that I had cancer, I shed tears. But I could not cry out loud because I was lying right beside my mom and I didn't want to alarm her.

Why did I cry? Not out of self-pity. Not because of the pain. But because I was thinking of my son, my poor son. I cannot bear the thought of leaving him. How will he take it? How will he feel not having me around anymore? My poor, poor son! I love him so very much! More than anybody else in this world.

I also cried for the loved ones I will be leaving behind. I want to continue loving and serving many many people.

But then by the way I'm talking, it's as if I'm giving up already. No, I will fight this battle. I will win this war against cancer. One big FIGHT!


  1. hi nimia! I thank God you are ready to fight this have already WON the 1st round. Cancer is no longer a death the natural world and most certainly in God's world. perhaps this is God's way of making you address your health?
    i read that cancer ( and most illness) is a result of years of toxicity building up in our body- i absolutely agree. many believers have won this battle by claiming healing verses like ps103- taking them like medicine 3x a day or as often as necessary.
    Good health is most certainly God's will & since faith comes fr hearing the word of God we can build up faith by consuming God's word --until It consumes us! patsy & mommy know good doctors they can recommend pero NO to chemo sila...requires a lot of discipline and NO excuses..pero the best cause he (dr. navarro)teaches the right way to eat and take care of our bodies.We reap what we better na rin to start exercising and eating ONLY good food- goodbye softdrinks, sugar, jollibee and mcdonalds. diet protocol same for cancer patient and chronic singaw patient(patsy) kase this is how everybody should eat to be healthy. have included you in my prayers and am looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Hi Meldy!Nice to hear from you. Talked to Sylvia Tupasi-Gomez recently. She wants us to get together with our other batchmates at her place in Tierra Bella or Tierra Pura. You can contact her at 9319377.


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