Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Truly Wonderful Day!

I had a truly wonderful day today, the birthday of the Catholic Church (Pentecost).

I listened to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and I cried my heart out for past sins. Then I prayed the rosary along with the CD.

I listened/watched two TV healing masses - one at 6 am (Channel 2) and the other at 9 am (Studio 23). The homilies were both beautiful. One about the gifts of the Holy Spirit which ought to be shared. The other on what are the signs that the Holy Spirit is in a person. There were several and I'm glad to note that I have practically all of them! Praise God!

I finished two reports in record time. I was talking to Client and she said she will ask me to train her people and I of course will get paid for it. Yehey!

Then some friends came over at night and we had an instant concert. They sang so beautifully! Even my mom was so happy, she ordered pizza and Coke for us. Andy agreed to sing my song "Mahirap Maging Mahirap" on YouTube. Dream come true!

Another friend came along and we watched her short film, I (Heart) Roger. Nice!

It's been a great day! Thank You so much, Lord!

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