Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anger, Denial, Bargaining....

People are wondering why I am not going through the negative states of anger (to whom do I get mad?), denial (why deny when the evidence is strong that I do have multiple myeloma), bargaining (in exchange for what?)...I went straight to acceptance! Actually, I started with humor and it is my sense of humor that's keeping my spirits high. This plus faith. What a powerful combination and a wonderful formula for survival! You should try it sometime.

It's joke time!
1) Question: Why did the student pray the serenity prayer?

Answer: Because he was poor in math and he was asked to subtract two numbers. And so he prayed, "Lord, give me the wisdom to tell the difference."

2) Question: What is the redundant song of Jose Mari Chan?
Answer: The one that goes - "Tell me your name, you're Lovely, please tell me your name. (Lovely!)

Alright, that's all my Pun de Nimia for now.

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  1. Hi Ma'am, i just want to tell you that you're in my prayers. Keep the faith!


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