Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Family Get-Together

As I said, my sister celebrated her 49th birthday in the condo. Her family, and two brothers' families attended.

Food included inihaw na liempo, KFC, lumpiang ubod (fried and fresh), inihaw na bangus, manggang hilaw with bagoong, lanzones, turones de mani, mais con hielo, rice, and softdrinks.

There was chit chat, showing of pictures, taking of photos, talk on diabetes and weight, etc.

Soon enough, people had to go.

My siblings pitched in to pay for my bone marrow test tomorrow. So, we will be in the hospital the whole day tomorrow. I will see my internist as well. He will be pleased that I have lost weight.

Another parent of a friend died recently. It is really the time for passing away of the parents of people my age. Too bad I cannot attend the wake nor funeral.


Aside from the activities lined up for the week, I've been invited to the christening/baptism of the daughter of my cousin this Saturday.

Word for the day: taciturn

- inclined to silence; reserved in speech
- usage: There is something suspicious about that taciturn man.

- Other usage: Bu-tasiturn-o niya kaya tinahi ko.

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