Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Merry Month

Yup, it's the merry month of May. Several friends and family members are celebrating their birthdays this month.

Today, in particular, is my sister's birthday. I have only one sister and she's only a year younger than me. We shared a bedroom when we were growing up. We went to the same schools. Nope, we didn't share boyfriends he he.

I love my sister because she is thoughtful, caring and generous. I'm recipient of many things from her - food, clothes, make-up, shoes, etc.

Last night, mom and I started watching the teleseries "100 days to Heaven" starring Coney Reyes and Xyriel, the new child superstar. Funny, entertaining.

I'm going through another trial again. No projects although four or bad are in the works. A bigger problem is we will soon vacate this condo. Where to go? My fixed income with a research agency will no longer push through because the end client prefers another researcher to service them. What to do?

I know I should trust in God. So I will just have to pray:

Dear Lord,

I know You love me, my son and my mom. I know You will continue to provide for all our needs. We trust that You will provide for a place to stay, food to eat, money for daily expenses. Thank You in advance for Your love, kindness and generosity.

Now for the good news, I am down to 137 lbs. meaning I have to lose only 6 lbs to reach "overweight" status.

Well, keep thinking positively. As I have saying for years.

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