Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Inner Voice

Sometimes, when I'm irritated, my mind is occupied with not-so-nice thoughts. Then, an inner voice makes me switch to loving thoughts and soon enough, the irritation goes away.

Today, the inner voice seemed particularly strong. I was moved to do things I haven't done in a while or simple things like:

...clean my inbox

...read a newsletter on Padre Pio and forwarded it to two friends

...listen to Bible reflection for the day

...attend a mass on the internet

...learn about US visas for my mom

...change our pillowcases

...cut my nails

...throw the trash

...call the laundry

Little things but in the eyes of God, they are big. Because they are heeding the inner voice which is the voice of conscience...or even, the voice of God.

I just looked out the window...and oh how lovely is the sun! Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful gift of nature. Up on a high-rise condo, I get a great view of sunsets!

Willy Revillame's show, "Willing-Willie" has been suspended for one month due to child abuse. I saw the video clip. I cried because the poor child was crying as they kept on asking him to do the macho dance. I hope they cancel the show altogether.

Word for the day:

- odious: arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance: hateful
- usage: To many, Osama bin Laden was an odious man.

Another usage:
Marami tayong katanungan, O-dious lamang ang nakakaalam.

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