Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simple Tasks Aren't That Simple

With my condition, certain simple tasks are not that simple.

One example, washing dishes. I cannot remain standing for long periods of time. So when there are a lot of dishes to wash, my body aches. But wash I must. After which, I feel good for having done a good deed.

Another example, taking a bath. Since I cannot remain standing for long, my baths and showers have to be done rather quickly.

Oh well...

My mom and son went to the grocery today. My mom's masahista (masseuse) was early so we had time to chat. She told me how she started out. Her husband got sick so she decided to learn how to massage. Then, she used the skill slowly but surely. She got to meet my aunt who introduced her to other clients. So, she was able to send her daughters to school. Our talk was interrupted when mom and my son arrived.

It is inspiring to learn how people strive to solve their financial problems through sheer hard work and prayers.

I don't eat much during main meals these days. But in between, I eat quite a lot of snacks. Like I can eat a whole bag of popcorn. Lousy diet. My doctors will surely not approve.

Those of you who have been reading my posts may be wondering why I seem to be sleeping a lot. Well, that is because, as I said in a long-ago post that my medicines cause somnolence.

That's my word for the day: somnolence

- sleepiness or drowsiness
- usage: Thalidomide causes somnolence.

- other usage: Somnolence, my friend, som don't.

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