Monday, May 2, 2011

More on the Trip

I'm still on "Subic" mode.

On the rode, I saw a fleet of mini coopers! How cute they look! But you couldn't make me ride on a mini cooper. It is too low for me, my back would hurt. And when it rains heavily...

My brother tends to drive too fast so I chose to look outside the window instead of straight ahead. I enjoyed looking at the mountains, the fields and the trees - all green, or almost. Then, when I looked up, I saw clouds which reminded me of...cotton candy (how imaginative of me ha ha).

I'm still tired from all that sleeping and watching of TV and riding in the car.

I reviewed the report I revised and saw a few more errors. Then I emailed it to client.

That's about the work I did for the day.

I just took a bath. Feels good! In Subic, Mom didn't allow me to use the bath tub was too deep, I could slip. So eww, it is just now that I have washed off the dirt and perspiration from Subic.

We discovered a restaurant/outlet which sells great-tasting food - Nathaniel's. I like their siomai and kakanin. Hhmm.

Here are two words for the day:

1) vamoose - to depart quickly
2) Jonah - one believed to bring bad luck

Usage? When you see a Jonah, it's time to vamoose.

Other usage? Vamoose a comer. Jonah our dinner.


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