Friday, May 6, 2011

Medicines Galore

I just finished filling up my three medicine boxes good for one week.

To give you a good idea what sort of medicines I take, here they are:

1) Acarbose - one piece before every meal, for diabetes

2) Diamicron - two pieces before breakfast, for diabetes

3) Metformin HCL - one piece after every meal, for diabetes

4) Sodium Bicarbonate - one piece after breakfast

5) Depakote - one piece after breakfast, one piece after dinner, mood stabilizer

6) Abilify - one half piece after breakfast, one piece after dinner, anti-psychotic medicine

7) Caltrate Plus - one piece after lunch, for my bones

8) Meganerve E - one piece after lunch, vitamins

9) Alluprinol - one piece after lunch, for uric acid

10) Thalidomide - one piece after dinner, for my multiple myeloma

11) Aspirin - one piece after dinner, prophylaxis to avoid stroke

12) Lipanthyl - one piece after dinner every other day, for cholesterol

13) Decilone Forte - five pieces after lunch on Tuesdays, steroids

14) Nexium - one piece after lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to counter steroids

15) Fosavanz - one piece 30 minutes before breakfast, for osteoporosis

Did I miss anything? Probably not.

Whew! And I'm not counting pain killers because I avoid taking them.

So those of you who need not be a walking drugstore, count your blessings!
Word for the day: ephemeral

- lasting for a markedly brief time
- usage: Beware of suitors whose love is ephemeral.

Other usage? Sorry, can't think of a punny one this time.
Good news, bad news, and bad news.

Good news: I'm "down" to 139 lbs. after staying at 140 lbs. for days.

Bad news: My BMI (body mass index) says I'm still obese and would have to shed 8 pounds to be in the overweight level.

Bad news: I have to be 109 lbs. to be in the normal weight level. That's a whopping 30 lbs. from where I am now. Oh no!
Panda bears are among the cutest animals in the world, don't you think?

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