Monday, May 23, 2011

Couldn't Sleep

Last night, I couldn't sleep.

Nope, I haven't fallen in love. Nor am I worried by a million and one problems. It's physical. My right ribs were throbbing with pain! For the first time, I took a pain killer - Biogesic. But apparently it was too mild.

Today, I had to borrow the condo's wheelchair just to get to the lobby.

Since we were early, there were enough wheelchairs in the hospital.

I had my CBC. Then breakfast at the canteen (beefsteak, egg, longganisa, rice - not good).

Then, the loooong wait for my Velcade treatment. My mom got so impatient she wanted to leave already.

We went to Sushi-Ya. She ordered Bento Box. I had ebi tempura with rice, and sukiyaki. Delicious!

We had our afternoon nap.

I checked my inbox and Facebook. I discovered that my friend and batchmate Marilou Estandarte Dichoso is some kind of celebrity in the US. They are making a movie about her. Wow! I wonder, will people want to see my life story on film? ha ha

Word for the day: ascerbic

- sour or bitter tasting
- usage: The test product is quite ascerbic.

- Other usage: I don't know the answer to that question. Ascerbic.

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  1. Maybe the pain is chondritis. I had pain in my ribs and had to go to Heart center. They gave me pain killers too


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