Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More on the Inner Voice

Yesterday, I should have added tasks which my inner voice told me to do:

...wash the dishes

...fill up the pitcher

...pour water on the dispenser

...pray the rosary

...pluck white hair from my mom's eyebrows

Today, I threw away the nails that my mom clipped from my toes. When she was cutting my big toenails, I screamed in pain. It appears that I have in-grown nails in both toes. Oww!

So how was my day? Today, being Wednesday, is Fosavanz day. I have to take this medicine 30 minutes before breakfast. So, I was able to check part of my inbox and chat briefly with a friend.

Breakfast consisted of liver spread on a slice of bread and water. That simple.

After washing the dishes, I made saing.

Then, I took a nap.

I changed my sons pillowcases.

For lunch, I ate two pieces of tawilis, rice, and tortang talong.

Then, I washed the dishes again.

I took another nap.

Upon waking, I turned on my computer and...

...finished checking my inbox

...listed the lotto winning numbers for my mom

...listened to bible reflection for the day

...prayed the 3 o'clock prayer

...attended mass on the internet

...played one round of online scrabble against an expert robot (I lost of course)

...took a number of tests in the Authentic Happiness website (my scores were pretty good; discovered that Curiosity is my character strength)

...reviewed one of my student groups final presentation on CD

I texted to of my friends if we could meet up. One is going to Spain so she can't make it. Another wants to meet in MOA (Mall of Asia) but my mom did not allow me because I would have a hard time.

I also wanted to borrow my friends' mom's wheelchair. Her mom just recently passed away. My friend asked me if I want to borrow her mom's wheelchair but my mom was against it due to three reasons - difficult to board on cabs, have to have somebody to push, no place in the condo.

Oh well, mothers know best.

I texted my boss to remind me of receivables due. But no response yet. If he does not comply with our agreement, I would have to resign. Sigh.

Word for the day:

esoteric - understood by or meant only to the select few who have special knowledge or interest

Usage: Law and Medicine are fields full of esoteric terms.

Another usage: Nothing to do during Halloween. Esoteric or treat na lang.

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