Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well What do You Know...

Yesterday, mom bought two bags of chicharon. Yehey.

I was supposed to go out last night but walking is such a torture and since it was Friday, I knew I would have difficulty finding a cab home.

So I decided to order food from home. I wanted Aristocrat but the Cubao branch has closed. So change of plans, Max's.

My friend would be late so she asked me to order ahead. I ordered spring chicken, kare-kare, rice and soft drinks.

I missed watching "100 days to Heaven" but it's okay.

We talked about work and family and health. She said something which struck me. She said that whenever she finds things difficult, she just remembers me and she feels somewhat relieved. I'm glad that my misery is the cause of somebody else's relief. Ha ha.

I've been working on a rush project since Thursday. I'm about to write the Conclusions already.

At least I wasn't zero for this month.

Mom said that whenever her feet are aching and she's tired, all she has to do is think of me and my suffering, and she feels better.

I wonder how many people are like my friend and my mom who "encouraged" when they compare their plight to mine? Without doing a thing, I am an inspiration to others.

Indeed, God is using me in big ways and small.

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