Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alone on a Sunday

I woke up rather late. My son was already gone for church activities.

I ate Skyflakes and Graham Crackers for breakfast simply because I didn't know how to make instant oatmeal (am I pathetic or what?).

I heard TV mass.

I took a bath.

I revised a report.

Had lunch cooked last night by my son. But I didn't eat rice. I ate ripe mango for dessert. (Good news! I've been losing the weight I gained these past weeks.)

Took a nap.

Worked on some charts, the last of 13 countries.

Had merienda of fruit salad and orange-pinepple juice.

Listened to Bo preach in Preacher in Blue Jeans.

Watched Susan Boyle again in YouTube.

Hey, it's only past 5 pm and I've ran out of things to do!

Let me see now - my choices are watch TV, read a book, play scrabble, watch DVD. Oh no! All ofa sudden, my life is boring!

But I have learned a long time ago that "boring" is a relative word. It's all up to you. It's up to you to find joy and fun in your life. Our forefathers had much less but they weren't bored. No reason for us to get bored.

So what am I going to do after I write this post? I don't know just yet. But one thing's for sure - I will NOT do anything boring. Once I start getting bored doing something, I will simply move on to the next thing. That is how to get unbored.

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