Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh By the Way...

I almost did not go to work today but after sleeping again after breakfast, I felt I can't be "absent" two days in a row.

So I called for a cab. I knew it was raining outside because the taxi was all wet.

I was early to my client's office. They ordered lunch for me but I didn't have appetite.

I was worried about the presentation because I was told the big bosses will be in attendance. Turns out, only one "makulit" (persistent) executive was present and gone was my nervousness.

They dropped me off where I can find a cab. The first thing the driver said was if I could add to the meter because it's traffic. That pissed me off so I decided not to speak to the driver the whole time.

When I reached home, my mom has not yet arrived from the doctor. So I fell asleep again.

Just when I started to work, she arrived with siopao, siomai and pancit.

Oh by the way, she gave the bad news...I have cancer of the bone.

I asked, "What stage?"

She said, "What do you mean what stage?"

So I had to verify with our doctor. The doctor said, "That's interesting because the results did not show the stage but based on other findings, she would say Stage 3."

Ah okay, Stage 3 out of Stage 4.

We had dinner.

After dinner, a client called following up a report. I sent it out.

Then, I saw an instant message from my ex-husband asking about my mom's account number because he was supposed to deposit some money.

Then I told him.

He was speechless at first. Then cold. Then he said he will pray for me. He asked if RR (our son) knows already. I said yes. And he asked how did RR react. My answer was "Dead ma. Oops no pun intended".

So, in the midst of a serious matter, I can still crack jokes. A good sign. I wonder at what point will I cry? So far, no tears have come. They are bound to come. Just not yet.

Don't cry for me, loved ones. I still have a lot of work to do. And I believe in miracles...


  1. I believe that God has a purpose for everything. Stay strong Tita, we'll always be here. And we will always keep you in our prayers...

  2. Thanks, Khay! You're the best assistant I ever had!


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