Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Final Ain't Real

Just recently, a salesman went to the office selling DVDs worth P50 each. I asked for romantic comedies and he showed me three. I was thinking of actually buying them when I was told I had a phone call. Saved by the telephone!

Buying pirated movies? Would that have made me a co-pirate? By the time I finished with my call, the salesman had left. Good thing!

It's annual income tax-paying time and I just finished computing how much I will be paying this year. Funny, I have two worksheets - one labeled "final", the other is "real".

Guess which computation I actually followed? I decided to get real. Although the "final" version would have saved me about P3,500 cold cash. You see, I was thinking of not declaring two sources of income which I felt did not go to me anyway. But then, I couldn't be sure so my conscience decided for me.

Oh well, honesty has a has its rewards, too, primary of which is peace of mind.

So, tonight I shall be sleeping well...unless my back aches again! But better to be sleepless due to back pain than because of a nagging conscience.

This is honest Nimia, signing off.

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