Sunday, April 5, 2009


In our family, there are six April birthday celebrants. Last night, we had a party here in my mom's condo.

First things first: the food - crab, lechon, kare-kare, barbecue, two kinds of pancit, KFC (two kinds), Indian mangoes, fresh mangoes, chocolate mousse with strawberry topping, rice, and soft drinks. Yummy!

A lot of them remarked at how big my tummy is and how "manas" my feet are.

As usual, there was much laughter - even if one nephew and one niece are still grieving over the death of their grandfather.

Someone brought a book without a cover. My youngest brother commented, "I cannot judge this book!" Everyone laughed. Then I said, "Inggit ako (I'm envious)". That's because when I crack jokes, hardly anybody in my family laughs.

Oh well, there was picture-taking with our Kuya as official photographer. Wait for the photos.

Tomorrow, I will be facing another test - the dreaded MRI! How can I lie still for 45 minutes when I cannot even do that in the confines of my home? Lord, let me be still so that I would know what is wrong with me. Please?

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