Friday, April 3, 2009

Down or Up? Something or Nothing?

Tomorrow, I will undergo yet another blood test. And if my RBC count is still still too low, I will undergo a blood transfusion. Oh no! Lord, let the results be normal this time. I can't have that blood transfusion. I have a family get-together. I have reports to write. I have projects to attend to. I command you, red blood cells! Increase in number to a normal level or else...grrrh!

And then on Monday, I will undergo an MRI to find out what really is causing my back pains. Is it something that would require operation or nothing of that sort? Lord, let it be nothing!

Don't we wish we could just command away our problems? But then, as we often hear, there is a purpose for everything. We may not always know right away what that purpose is but trusting that there is one should be enough to get by.

And so, despite my busy schedule and my medical problems and absence of that special someone, I get by.

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