Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Simple Glorious Easter!

Today was a simple yet glorious Easter! Because...

...I finished a report even if it meant working in the early morning

...being able to sleep on the bed for a few hours without too much pain

...catching a beautiful Easter song played on Studio 23

..."attending" a healing mass with Fr. Mario as the priest-presider (I just love his sense of humor!)

...eating a sumptuous lunch of salad (with two kinds of dressing - Caesar's and Asian), one-piece KFC chicken with gravy, Meltz, Coke Zero -- yummy!

...putting pictures in all my past posts where there were none (they really add life to even the most boring of blogs)

...writing at least 20 sequences of the screenplay I was supposed to be writing weeks ago (I might just make it to the April 30 deadline)

...spending the whole day with just me and my mom in the condo

...I went through my emails and Facebook account

For these and many more little pleasures day in and day out, I thank God!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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