Friday, April 24, 2009

A Movie: A Great Reward

After working so hard...

After being in so much pain...

After not having a good night's sleep for week...

What better reward than watching a good comedy film on a Friday night?

I was all alone. My mom went off to Palawan with my sister's family. My son was elsewhere (as usual) with friends and churchmates.

I decided to watch what seemed to be a good movie.

A movie by Ben Stiller! (one of my favorite comedians) So "Envy" must be a comedy movie.

And indeed it was. He and Jack Black played best friends.

Ben started out as the better off between them.

But Jack invents a Vapoorizer which makes dog's pooh disappear.

Jack becomes famous and super rich.

He builds a mansion, puts a merry-go-round in his backyard, buys a white horse named Corky.

Meanwhile, it's downhill for Ben. He loses his job. He almost loses his family. And he accidentally kills Corky.

There's a third character, a bum who tries to help but things become worse for Ben.

Jack decides to make Ben his partner. Ben is filled with guilt and confesses. They are friends again.

But then Corky's body is found and it is filled with the chemical found in the Vapoorizer. Jack loses his wealth.

Until the two friends make a new discovery - some kind of flan in a tube.

All's well that end's well.

Not a bad way to end weeks of work, pain and sleeplessness.

But tonight is another night...

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