Monday, April 27, 2009

A Very Nice Monday

Woke up early today. Early enough to catch my son who was leaving for youth camp. Asked him to microwave my oatmeal for me.

Too early to leave for my client meeting. So slept again.

Took a bath. Had no trouble finding a cab.

Was too early, so ate batchoy and drank Coke Light at the canteen.

When we went to Client's office, guess what? Meeting postponed!

Blessing in disguised. I was able to reach Palanca office early to submit my entry.

Reached home. Mom not yet arrived.

Ordered lunch and dinner.

Took a nap after lunch.

Continued the book I started reading yesterday entitled "The Fifth Angel" by Tim Green.

My assistant arrived.

I did the following - revised a report, sent charts to client, formulated a questionnaire, cleared a codebook, talked to two subcontractors over the phone.

Mom arrived bringing all sorts of casoy - cashew nuts per se, yema casoy, panucha casoy.

Not bad for a Monday, huh?

Now back to my exciting book...

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