Friday, April 17, 2009

A Pretty Nice Day

This has been a pretty nice day...

...I started using a new shampoo (Sunsilk hairfall) because I've been losing my hair - lots of its
[and it smells good!]

...I didn't have a hard time getting a cab

...the cab driver gave me menthol candy

...I was very early in the office

...I had my one-act play xeroxed for the Palanca

...the office guy found my spoon and fork with gold trimmings

...I was able to finish the manual my boss asked me to do

...I went home early because I didn't want to stay late on a Friday night and tomorrow is my Citiscan

...I rested upon reaching home

...I drank Coke Zero and ate Tostillas

...I finished the questionnaire I've been trying to do since yesterday assistant and I were able to release the charts due today

...we were able to start on the next batch of charts mom made me arroz caldo for tonight

Lord, I lift up to You my Citiscan tomorrow. I hope everything turns out well.

I love You.

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