Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am in suspense these days.

For two reasons.

One, I'm reading a suspense thriller entitled "The Fifth Angel". I'm more than halfway through. Good enough since I only started last Saturday evening and I had to work in between. By tomorrow or tonight, I will be finished I will tell you the ending (ha ha Oh no I won't dare!).

The other reason I am in suspense is that my bone marrow test results are still not out. I still don't know what's keeping my RBC count low. I still don't know what's causing me pain in my back. But wait, I must. No choice. I do have a choice on something. How I will react to the results, how I will react to whatever the doctor will say about what I'm really sick of.

So in due time, I will be relieved in knowing the ending of the book I am reading. I will be told of what I am sick of. In due time.

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