Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Saturday Need Not be Bleak

It's Black Saturday and did I "celebrate" it? Naah! I worked!

A close friend of mine came over and she brought chicken (ala Buffalo wings), kimchi, coleslaw, some other appetizer. Mom made mami with quail eggs, pork chop and there's her now famous avocado with banana salad.

Then, it was work time! For hours, my friend and I revised a report which she was due to present to client on Monday. We were almost done when she had to leave. That means tomorrow, Easter, is another working day for me.

What is it with work that is therapeutic? It keeps one's mind off one's pains and troubles.

And so, tonight, I shall be "sleeping" early but for sure I will wake up again because of the pain but refreshed enough to finish a report. Strange lifestyle I have, don't you think?

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