Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Authentic Happiness

I came across a website called Authentic Happiness. They have lots of questionnaires to measure your degree of "happiness", depression, and the like. I have taken two of them and did fairly well.

So what makes me happy?

Oh, I can list many things that I used to enjoy which I no longer can't. Like coffee, chocolates, dancing. But no use grieving over such things because there are still plenty of other things that make me happy.

Are you ready for a long post?

Here's a partial list of things that make me happy (sorry, impossible to list them all)...

...it is seeing my son at the end of the day and bonding with him as he takes his dinner

...it is chatting with my mom during meals or at bedtime as she talks about the past or current incidents

...it is having get-togethers with the family and friends, just being with loved ones

...it is having one-on-one lunches or dinners with somebody I care for and vice versa

...it is talking to a friend over the phone or chatting with someone at FB

...it is catching the beauty of a sunset or a rainbow

...it is receiving a bouquet of flowers from someone

...it is solving a sudoku puzzle or winning a scrabble game

...it is coloring in my coloring book

...it is reading a suspense-filled mystery book without being told the ending

...it is watching a good romantic comedy on DVD or television

...it is listening to music I can sing along with

...it is eating delicious food (too many to mention) and refreshing drinks

...it is writing in this blog when I know I have nice things to say

...it is finishing a report, knowing I did a good job

...it is being able to make people laugh with my particular brand of humor

...it is spending quiet time with God, feeling close to Him and experiencing His love

I haven't said enough. But the important thing is the realization that despite all the trials in life, there is much to be thankful for.

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