Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Quiet Saturday

My, what a quiet Saturday, I thought to myself. No rush to finish my report so I woke up late, slept after breakfast and then slept again after lunch. The lazy life!

I was able to do some work. I'm sure to finish by tomorrow.

My mom gave me a blouse and skirt. She fixed the blouse to make it fit me.

In the evening, I visited Facebook and chatted with an old friend. She said a common friend is online and wanted to chat.

So chat we did. I enjoyed the exchange of jokes. Learned that he had a crush on me way back in college. Ha ha. Now he is some big shot abroad. And happily married. So no names, as promised.

He gave me a piece of advice I ought to remember. I should stop using my illnesses as excuses. Thanks, friend.

Another reason I'm grateful for Facebook. It connects you with people in the past.

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