Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I Learned From...

my boyfriends...

Boyfriend no. 1: There is always a first time. Things are sweet - not necessarily sweetest - for the first time.

Boyfriend no. 2: If you must enter a relationship, be faithful. It hurts too much to be somebody's girlfriend simultaneously with two other girls.

Boyfriend no. 3: Be careful of men who talk too much.

Boyfriend no. 4: True love isn't true love if it comes and goes.

Boyfriend no. 5: You must never be ashamed of your loved one no matter what.

Boyfriend no. 6: If you love a man enough to marry him, learn to serve him as a wife should.

I have been playing scrabble again in FB but kept losing so my average is down to 49%. Oh no!

Been chatting with friends in FB. Good to keep in touch.

I just learned that somebody died of cancer. She was the same person who approached Fr. Suarez along with me. Father told me "May pag-asa pa" (there is still hope). But to the young mother beside me, he said nothing. True enough, her time is up. Too bad, she had two very small kids.

God has a purpose for taking her this early. She lived a full life so they say. She did acts of charity. I am sure she is in heaven.
Which leads me to ask - what exactly is a "full life"?

I would say... is a life lived for others without sacrificing one's well-being is appreciating all of God's blessings without failing to count trials as among such blessings is taking time off to smell the flowers, gaze at the sunset, and drink clean, cold water is knowing who your true friends are and being true to them as well is listening to soothing music while relaxing on a comfortable chair is putting your heart and soul on a job you love and enjoy is thanking God always for your loved ones for without them, life is a less fun and more lonely

Oh I could go on and on. For indeed, a full life, cannot be described in just one post. It is best lived one day at a time.

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