Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Varied Stuff

I have just two more sections to go in my long report, Part 2. I can do some more work tonight or call it a day and resume tomorrow. Anyway, my personal deadline is Friday when I will get paid the balance for this project.

I clarified with a research agency if the fee they will be giving me is a monthly retainer or not (even if I don't have projects). Yes it is. Yehey. I have money to pay for my medicines. Answered prayer. Thank You, Lord!

Nothing's good on TV these days. That's why I've been reading a book instead. On mystery stories. Nice but I miss James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark and the like.

Mom is back from the hospital. She had yet another procedure on her bladder. She's "stone-prone".

The mom of yet another batchmate died recently of cancer. Parents of people my age are dying. Lord, please don't take my mom just yet. I need her.

Okay, that's about it. I'm hungry. I guess I will eat the leftover tofu from Max's that my son brought home.

Here's a pretty picture.

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