Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So-so Day turned So Nice

For the past few weeks, I have been experiencing breast pains. Last night, my left breast was extremely painful. So I rose from bed and googled "breast pain, symptom of". Thank God, it is not likely to be breast cancer. What it is probably in my case is a sign of menopause.

Yup, my menstrual periods are three months apart now. And when they come, the flow is not that strong. Oh I hope they stop already so I will be free at last!

Today, what was a so-so day turned out to be a so nice day.

I got to see two friends I haven't seen for quite some time. And met their friend.

I first accompanied my female friend to the salon where she had her hair blow-dried. I browsed at the magazines while waiting. I realized that I just wasn't the market of those glossy mags.

Then I walked to Papa John's from the parlor. Boy, that took much effort on my part.

When we reached the restaurant, I was so relieved. The aircon was soooh cool because I was really perspiring.

While waiting and while eating, we composed a poem entitled "The Joyful Life". Turned out to be a religious poem.

We had pizza, ribs, unlimited Coke Zero, and sundae. Nice food.

My friend was supposed to stay in the condo for a while but she saw a cab right away. So she took it to go home. Which is just as well because I was tired already.

Back home, I took my medicines and dressed up.

Altogether, I had a great time with good friends.

There is a Japanese restaurant downstairs which has not been operating for over a year now. They put a sign on the door which says, "We're temporarily close". Ha ha
My son is home. Time to be a mom. Till next time.

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