Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week Reflections

Yesterday, I worked on a report. Short but interesting enough.

Then, I watched a nice romantic movie, entitled "The Deal". Starring my favorite actress, Meg Ryan. There will always be a market for romantic films so long as there are girls like me who are forever in love with matter how vicarious.

I asked my mom what she wants me to do/ neat, learn how to cook, massage her feet. Her number one answer was be neat! So today, I started fixing and cleaning my stuff. Got to start somewhere.

It's Holy Thursday and I haven't officially done any "rituals". Come to think of it, why does it have to take Holy Week to do "holy stuff".

I'd rather be close to God all year round than reserve special time with Him for a few days.

I am continually grateful to Jesus Christ for dying on the Cross for me and for mankind. We have a God who loves us immensely, tremendously, and unconditionally.

Unconditionally. What a word! It means, no matter who and what you are, you are loved.

I have done many things in my life which I am ashamed of. But the Lord has erased them all through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. And should I sin again, He is ever willing to welcome me in His arms again.

I remember two movies about Jesus which had a strong impact on me. One is "Jesus Christ Superstar". I was very young then when I first watched it. Boy, how I loved the songs! But if you listen to the lyrics carefully, they are not quite reflective of how things were then.

The other movie is "The Passion of the Christ". No singing. Some light moments. But mostly drama. I cried watching Jesus suffer. For me, it was the better film.

"Jesus Christ Superstar" is for entertainment. God did not mean to be a superstar.

"The Passion of the Christ" is truth and reality. It depicts Jesus as sufferer for and savior of all mankind.

Thank You, Lord, for Your supreme sacrifice of self.

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