Friday, April 1, 2011

A Great Day...

It's April Fool's Day. It has been a great day so far, and it's not over yet!

We were early for our presentation. The car got fixed so we didn't have to take a cab.

I started with "It's April 1. Happy April Fool's Day everyone". Of course, the audience laughed. But as usual, my hands were shaking at the start. Shortly later, I was much more relaxed and was able to answer the questions.

The top executive said "That was very good! Thank you!" and that made all the efforts and troubles worth while.

Since it is mom's birthday, we ate at our favorite restaurant, Sushi-Ya in Tomas Morato. We ordered bento box. Mom had pork teriyaki and I ordered sukiyakidon (thinking of the soup, but that meant rice topping if you have a "don"). I ate green tea ice cream. Not bad.

Mom was tired she went to sleep. (She is still sleeping now.)

I wasn't sleepy. I decided to reward myself by coloring in two of my coloring books. One was a picture of a pretty princess on a boat. The other was on a display of cakes, candy canes, and pastries. What fun!

Now, I have a choice of doing some work, listening to music, watching TV, reading...

Oh well, a great day and it ain't over yet!

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